Book Tittle: STARTING FROM ZERO Digital And Audio Copy For Just $1.99

Did you come across the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by one of the worlds most influential best selling Author Robert T. Kiyosaki? It's good you did because today I would like to present to you with yet another best selling book (Starting from Zero by Fred Lam, a Renowned Entrepreneur) that gives you the actionable strategies learnt from the principles of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Even Robert T. Kiyosaki has this to say about "Starting From Zero". It's also worthy to note that Robert T. Kiyosaki himself wrote the forward for "Starting from Zero"

“Read this book by Fred. Consider Fred as your possible rich dad. Fred built his business from the ground up from his kitchen table. His system is ingenious. Fred will show you how you can sell any of over 1 million products - without a dime of investment! His system saves you from needing employees, or investors, or a factory. You just need a computer and your kitchen table. Read this book, consider what Fred is teaching. Maybe this is the opportunity you need to grab.”

Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam is a former dishwasher who had zero experience and zero money but went on to build a business that has generated over $50 million online. 2008 was the year he had his first phenomenal success. He sold physical products online, invested tens of thousands of dollars to create the website and start online advertising. In just a few months, the business started from zero to generating over $4.8 million!

Today you have the opportunity of having his amazing book (Starting From Zero by Fred Lam) where he teaches his strategies for just $1.99. This book is filled with new and actionable strategies and the most up-to-date information on how you can build a business starting from Zero. It is an audio-book that includes a digital copy, plus instant access to learn how to start an online business quickly with little to NO capital investment.

This book is very informative with new and actionable strategies starting from the first chapter where is teaches a simple 5-step system that allows anyone to turn a $100 bill into a profitable eCommerce business from scratch, up to the last chapter.

You truly do not want to miss this book. To get this book (Audio & Digital copy) for just $1.99. Get Starting From Zero Here.

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"From The Desk of Robert Kiyosaki
Phoenix, Arizona

RE: The Rich Dad Summit

Hey there!

This is Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad.
Trust me, I know...
...trying to figure out money, wealth & business can be overwhelming!

When you think about making money and building long-term sustainable wealth, it’s a lot to take in! And that's not to mention entrepreneurship, business, taxes, investing...

Even the "experts" mess this stuff up sometimes. If you want to get rich, and I mean, very rich - with all the videos, tutorials, courses, and articles out there...

...where do you even BEGIN?

Well, I have an idea...

Join us for The Rich Dad Summit. What its and Who its for.
The Rich Dad Summit is  a 2-day 100% Online event designed specifically for people who want to:

* Make more money...
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