12 To-Do List For Successful Affiliate Marketing Business: How You Can Start Affiliate Marketing And Make Money In Your First Week.

It is often said that affiliate marketing is the easiest business to start and operate but that doesn’t mean you should come in without a plan and strategies for success.

The attributes of successful affiliate marketers include always having a plan, seeing the plan through with tact and strategies, and are dedicated and consistent.

There is no need to over complicate your affiliate success plan/to-do list. Your to-do list should be broken down into little executable plans to make it easy to formulate strategies around them.

As no aspect of affiliate marketing is more important than the other, treat all elements of your to-do list as important because each is going to contribute in one way or another to the success of your affiliate marketing business.

To build a complete to-do list that will ensure the success of your affiliate marketing business, your list must include these 12 elements below.

Note that when you get started with any of the plans in the list and it starts to work out well, move over to the next one but continue to nourish the one that is already working. You can add or remove some as you progress.

12 To-Do List For Successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

1. Seek Knowledge And Education. 

Go over and beyond to become a master and an expert in your field, know the product or service you plan to market, how to use them in and out. T

o get all this, go over to the vendor's website, familiarize yourself with the website so that you can be able to direct your visitors properly to them.

Start your own blog, post as you learn new things, and always remember to add links to the information you post back to your affiliate products or services.

To start your blog, here is a list of the best domain name or web hosting services you can choose from.

a. Bluehost

b. Dreamhost

c. Hostpapa

d. Siteground

e. Hostinger

f. Inmotion

g. Hostgator

2. Build A Blog/Website. 

The need to build a website can’t be overemphasized. Having a website is like having your storefront to house all your products and make it easier for your customers to find you at any time. 

Set up a blog or website, set up your social networking sites on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest, set up squeeze pages for easy email marketing. As it is said among affiliate marketers, the money is in the email list.

You need to set up your squeeze page immediately to start collecting emails and contact details of your website or blog visitors.

Remember too, your website or blog should be easy for your visitors to navigate and avoid using badly written scripts.

Here is a list of Email Marketing Software to help you easily build a squeeze page and collect emails.

a. Active Campaign

b. Get Response

c. Aweber

3. Article Submission And Marketing. 

When you are just starting affiliate marketing, article marketing or submission is one of the easiest ways to drive attention to your website, blog, or affiliate products or services.

Article submission websites like Quora, Reddit, Staykeen are a good place to start. Of course, there are over a million article marketing websites online but one thing they will all do is to increase your SEO abilities.

Write as often as you can and submit to these article marketing websites and always link back to your website, blog, or affiliate products or services.

Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field, focus on the problems, and offer solutions to these problems people are looking for.

4. Post, tweet, and pin it... Socialize it.

Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Chat Rooms, Pinterest, and others have a very large number of subscribers.

Utilize them by aligning and posting on them, make useful and interesting comments including on forums. Leave your footprints on them and always link back to your website, blog, or affiliate product or service. 

Find affiliate marketing forums too, become a member so you can always be abreast with the latest trends.

Look for problems and questions people are asking and if you don't already have answers to them, research and come up with very convincing answers to their problems and questions. 

You are running a business, so be professional and avoid untoward comments. When you have established yourself as an expert in your chosen field, people will start trusting your opinion and start clicking on your links.

5. Write Product Reviews. 

As seen in today's market environment, one product can be offered by different companies and brands.

This creates confusion and indecision among customers but with a well-written product review that tells what a product does and how it helps solve a problem,  the decision-making process will be eased among your website visitors.

Make your product review simple and truthful stating the good side and bad side of a product. present pictures and if possible videos of the product. People want to see all these before they are convinced of the need to make a purchase. 

Remember to include your links but don't plaster it all over the review.

6. E-Book. 

Write an eBook, short pages of report on topics that you are an expert on, which can spread very fast over the internet.

If you are not an expert but can find out what problems and questions people are asking on forums, social media, etc, you can employ the service of a writer from freelance websites like Fiverr and Online Writing Jobs to make up for you. 

Distribute your eBook all over the place at a low price or free, share on your website, eBay, Amazon and any other place you can market your eBook. 

Make sure it is very informative and do not have your links all over the pages of your eBook. Include them only at strategic pages and your eBook will spread like wildfire.

7. Make Youtube Video.

With Youtube being the visual library of the internet, people go there for all sorts of questions and problems.

This plan offers a good opportunity to build trust faster because people will see and hear from you and be able to place a value on your video.

Remember to include a link back to your blog, website, or affiliate product so that when Youtube algorithm starts to rank your video high on Google your other linked websites, blogs will be ranked along.

8. Identify Your Audience, Serve Them.

Find out and make a list of all the users and potential users of your product. 

For example, young people who want to learn a new trade, those who want it as just a hobby, as a side job, already established experts in the field, educators in the field and so on.

Among them, focus and dedicate your time to those you can influence and avoid trying to teach the already established in your field. But note that sometimes the already established may show interest in whatever you are offering.

So don't completely ignore them as you might learn a thing or two from them or either way too which will be very beneficial.

9. Socialize With Others Using Blogs. 

Find blogs related to your niche, comment, and leave a link back to your blog or website. Offer to write articles for others and ask others to write for you too.

Don't just write nice articles but very informative articles that identify problems and offer solutions to them. 

Remember you are writing for a mass audience in different countries, so be professional and avoid local slang that may not be widely understood.

10. Submit your website or blog to search engines and web directories.

Sites like Pingler where you can notify different search engines each time you make an update on your blog.

If you are using a WordPress based website, use the WordPress plugin to create a sitemap which will automatically notify all search engines about your blog updates.

11. Employ Graphics And Visual Aids In Your Communication. 

Use banners, box shots, and screenshots with carefully curated words, colors, and titles to aid your communication.

A good combination of these will draw attention quickly to whatever you are offering. And if the company you are selling for has won awards, post them colorfully to build trust.

12. Be Loyal.

Be a loyal customer and also be loyal to your customers.

Personally use the products you are offering. Make Pictures and videos of you using them available to your blog visitors so that they know why you endorse a particular product or service.

This will go a long way to instill and build trust among your blog visitors, trust that will make marketing future products or services easier.

Ensure to provide a channel of communication between you and your blog visitor. That is how you will understand, know and adjust whenever their needs change.

Remember that good business doesn't just happen, they are built over time and that with experience, you will learn and grow more. Trials and errors are the greatest teachers.

Good luck as you build your affiliate marketing business.

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