Web Traffic: How To Make More Money With Your Website When You Don’t Have Much Traffic.

Whether it is a blog, an affiliate website, eCommerce website, or any other website for that matter, you desire to have lots of traffic so that you can generate more ad revenue, have more sales and conversion on your eCommerce or affiliate website as the case may be. 

That’s because the obvious thought of making money with your website is that more traffic equals more money. 

More traffic equals more money can be true of some sort but not entirely. You can increase and generate more money with the current number of traffic you have on your website. 

This can be achieved by making the right changes to your already existing website. 

Unless you have enough budget to spend on campaigns, generating more traffic to your website isn’t very easy especially when the website is new.

From website indexing to content ranking to keyword identification and optimization, all these takes time and increases the delay in generating traffic.


However, if your website isn't making enough money even with the current traffic it has, then it's pertinent you get to the root of the problem as having more traffic may still not generate you more money.

Rather, do a top-down analysis of your website, find out likely opportunities to make more money. 

In this article, you will be presented with the 3 most important strategies you must implement immediately on your website to increase the amount of money you make with the traffic you already have. 

These 3 strategies, if carefully implemented will increase the revenue generated daily by your website.

3 Important Strategies To Increase Your Website Revenue Without Much Traffic.

1. Increase The Conversion Rate.

A website can have more traffic but a very low conversion rate. Having a higher conversion rate is many times better than having more traffic. 

To increase the conversion rate, you have to optimize your content to enable and increase purchases and other money yielding activities on your website. 

There is a process of doing this called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO for short. 

It is to use different systems to like Empire Free Traffic System to increase the rate of visitors to your website that takes the desired action on your website to become a customer.


Empire Free Traffic System will increase the conversion rate on your website and more when complemented with a good Copywriting. 

A well thought out and executed copywriting will trigger some psychological buttons in your website visitors to take the desired money yielding actions.

Another way of achieving a higher conversion rate is to include a very visible and enticing call to action of your website, such that is it leads your website visitors to the page where they are expected to take the desired money yielding action.

2. Collect And Create An Email List.

It is often said among internet marketers that the money is in the email list and this can’t be truer. 

Since the inception of the internet, it has ever been evolving and different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu can change their algorithm at any time to meet up with the demands of the ever changing internet world. 

This when happens can drastically reduce your traffic but with an email list of your website visitors, you will still have what is yours.

The people on your email list are your loyal website visitors, you have them and you can always announce new posts and updates to them.

They are subscribed to your email list because they like and have interest in your content and they are more likely to convert.

Plus you have them already, you have the opportunity to keep marketing to them and if any of the search engines make changes to there algorithm, thereby reducing your traffic, the people on your email list are more likely to help in increasing your traffic again. 

This is so because, the more they click through on your website, the more the new algorithm introduced by these search engines are likely to identify your content and index them again quickly.

To collect and create a very responsive email list, here are the Top 3 Email Marketing And Automation Software (A Review) to help you increase conversion rate on your website.

a. Active Campaign

b. Get Response

c. Aweber

3. Give Your Website Visitors A Better User Experience.

I kept this for the last, it is actually the most important but often the most neglected reason behind the barrier to conversion. That is your website itself. 

Whether you have more traffic or not to your website, your website itself may be the reason you are not making enough money. Your website may be slow, bloated, and very difficult to navigate. 

If your website loads slowly because of either conflicting software or badly written script, this can only lead to negative experience to your website visitors and will increase the rate at which they abandon your website before making a purchase.

Also, if it is difficult for your website visitors to find the right information they are looking for on your website or worse off dig deeper on your website to find the page to make a purchase, you can only expect one thing. A gross decrease in the conversion rate.

You may not be the best web developer to make navigation through your website easier but you have the option of hiring good freelance web developers from Fiverr

Make the navigation through your website easier with visibly clear instructions on what you want your website visitors to do. 

Include a good call to action all over and where necessary on your website so that your website visitors can easily navigate to the web page where they are expected to make a conversion or take the money yielding action.


Here are some other tools you may need to increase the conversion rate on your website or blog.

* Hire freelance website developer and content creators.

* Hire freelance copywriters to increase conversion rates.

* Join the Free Online Jetset Super Affiliate Marketing Training and make more money with your website through affiliate marketing.

* Get easy to navigate and free domain name with cheaper web hosting for your website or blog from either of the web hosting services below.

a. Bluehost

b. Dreamhost

c. Hostpapa

d. Siteground

e. Hostinger

f. Inmotion

g. Hostgator

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