5 Simple Online Jobs You Can Start Today To Make Money From The Internet Immediately.

As the outbreak of the Corona-Virus continues to ravage the world with many losing their jobs, people are looking elsewhere for financially rewarding opportunities.

And there are no better places to search for financially rewarding opportunities than the internet. 

The internet provides you with the opportunity to create a side hustle. A side hustle which if nurtured very well will ensure you have another and steady stream on income.

And also, this side hustle could turn to your full-time hustle and you may never go back to your day job.

There are many ways to make good money from the internet, as long as you are dedicated and willing to work hard, making money from the internet often starts with having an idea and working towards making the idea a reality through hard work and dedication.

We have carefully selected 5 out of the many ways you can make money from the internet.

These 5 online jobs were selected because of how easy they are to start and how fast you can start making money from them within days of starting.

7 Online Jobs Suggestions For You To Make Money from The internet. 

1. Print On Demand.

There are no doubt this has become a bit difficult from what it used to be but no doubt, there are  still many successful old and new entrants into the Print On Demand business. 

Print On Demand business remains the same from its early inception, the only difference is the strategies for selling online. 

Unlike in the early stages on Print On Demand where anything sells, these days, to be successful with POD, you have to adopt a different strategy.

If selling T-Shirt is your business on POD, select a niche, and cater specifically to the needs of people in that niche. An example is to select yoga as your niche and make T-shirts that will appeal to those interested in yoga.

 Again a lot of people argue that the eCommerce space is saturated but recent studies show that eCommerce will continue to grow as most businesses are opening their online front and by the end of 2021, eCommerce is expected to reach 5 trillion dollars worldwide.

The good side of POD is that you don’t have to worry about start-up capital, handling inventories, or costs, you are only expected to make designs and upload to the parent company’s website and they will do the sales marketing for you. 

As long as you are starting with the right strategy (selecting a niche and uploading good design with good SEO names and tags to your designs), you can literally start POD today and start making money within days.

Some of the best POD parent companies you can start from includes Redbubble, Society6, Teespring.

2. Virtual Assistance/Customer Support.

Businesses know that one of the factors that guarantee the success of their business or continued customer loyalty is to provide great customer experience.

This is the reason they all have a customer support system, bearing in mind that the success or failure of it can either make or break them.

So, as more and more businesses are solidifying their online presence, it is only good that they have customer service personnel to respond to calls, messages, emails on a 24/7 basis.

As a virtual assistant/customer support, your job could be to takes calls, messages, respond to email, data entry, etc.

To start making money as a virtual assistant or customer support, sign up with Virtual Assistant Job Online today. From my experience, they always have jobs available for new applicants.

3. Freelance.

There are lots of freelance websites that offer opportunities to make money from the online space but as the subject of this article indicates, we are only presenting suggestions that  will enable you to make money faster than others.

Among them are Fiverr and Paid Online Writing Jobs, they are both very reliable and offers opportunities for you to make money faster.

Paid Online Writing Jobs is solely for writers and you can make as much as $350 per day depending on how fast you can deliver.

While Fiverr includes every other online opportunity like graphic design, search engine optimization, copywriting, proofreading, PPC marketing, and other job offers that are in high demand.

Registering to either of Paid Online Writing Jobs or Fiverr offers you the opportunity to reach over 5million subscribers registered to these 2 freelance websites.

Even if you do not have a particular skill to sell, you will be surprised to find simpler tasks like being paid to try a product.

Register with Paid Online Writing Jobs or Fiverr to start making money online today.

4. Online Surveys.

This is perfect for you if you don't have much time to spare. You will be able to make a very decent income from answering simple and short online questions, filling surveys.

The money is paid directly to your PayPal or bank. 

To make the best of this opportunity, always be on the lookout for new surveys using your mobile phone as new surveys can pop up any time.

For the best and most reliable online survey that pays instantly, sign up with Quick Survey to start making money immediately.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon continues to dominate in terms of offering affiliate marketing opportunities. However other firms like Rakuten Advertising have proven to be a dominant figure also. 

The 2 offers a variety of products and good commission rates but note that affiliate marketing is not limited to just that 2. There are other affiliate marketing programs to join but these two were selected because of how reliable and fast you can make money with them.

Remember, as an affiliate, your job is to promote the vendor's products or service and get people to click on the link.

If they make a purchase after being redirected to the vendor's website while the cookies are still active, only then will you receive a commission or percentage from the sale.

To have a good footing with affiliate marketing, a well-developed website is necessary, though you can also do affiliate marketing with just a simple social media account like Instagram.

To start your affiliate marketing business with the right strategies, join the Free Jetset Super Affiliate Online Training.


To make money from the online space starts first with an idea but don't spend all the time idealizing the idea. Take action today, sign up with any of the opportunities presented to you in this article.

The best time to start a business is when you are not ready because there is never a perfect time to start a business. 

Good Luck as you take action to start making money from the online space.

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