Passive Income Opportunity: 6 Steps Formula To Make $1500 Daily With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $1500 A Day With Affiliate Marketing

Making $1500 a day with Affiliate Marketing is as easy as snapping your finger, only if you are willing to put in the work and follow a strict strategy process especially if you are starting Affiliate Marketing with a limited budget.

Affiliate Marketing, you promote other people's products or service to earn a commission from the sale. Sometimes, the commission can be up and over 50% and recurring. Most of the work is done for you as the product or service owner provides you with promotional materials needed to get started, make a sale and earn a commission.

So what do you want out of Affiliate Marketing.. The lifestyle? The extra Money? Freedom? Passive income? 

Whatever your reason is, Affiliate Marketing is a good choice. It is relatively very easy to start Affiliate Marketing because it requires less resources to start and most times no Start-Up capital. 

To get started, here are the 6 steps strategies you must apply to make a steady $1500 daily income from Affiliate Marketing.

1. Choose your niche.

You have to search extensively on google or from any other sources available to you, find niche sites that are selling.

Remember while searching for a niche, you will generate more income from a niche when that particular niche is narrowed, that it’s difficult to find another niche within the niche you are researching.

Browse affiliate directories, find products and services marketers are selling and advertising. This can be the indication that the product or service is selling and that there is an actual market for the product and service.

2. Decide on the product to promote.

Affiliate marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shareasale provides you the privilege of choosing a product or service to sell within the niche you decide on.

Check there various commission structure and price differentiation, know how and when you would be paid, select the Affiliate marketplace most suitable for you.

Also find out about their marketing process, are there links to other pages and products? Amazon has the advantage of linking to other pages and products which means you can earn a commission even when a customer buys another product you are not directly promoting as long as your cookies are installed on their device.

3. Reach out to your prospects.

That is, those willing to buy from you. This is the most important formula within the mix. You will start setting up your mailing list of prospective and potential buyers of the product or service you selected.

A good email automation software will serve you right on this. See list of the best 3 Email Marketing Automation Software below:

You need to put together a series of marketing emails to be sent out to your prospects periodically to build patronage. Most vendors and sellers will provide you these emails, it takes a couple emails to your prospects (about 7 or more) to actually close a sale.

Remember you have to build trust, make the prospect get comfortable with you, the email must have the right message, schedule the emails to the prospects giving an interval of a day or 2.

Please see: 6 Tips For Writing Successful and Effective Marketing Emails To Your Prospects.

4. Set up your squeeze page.

With any of the marketing automation software from the list above, it’s easy to set up a squeeze page. This is the page your prospects enters their email to subscribe to your mailing list.

It’s a sales page that persuades them to subscribe to your mailing, your vendor or seller may provide you with the message to be contained in the squeeze page and you will need a domain name relating to your niche and webhosting.

See list below for top domain and webhosting service providers:

5. Promote your squeeze page.

Aggressively promote your squeeze to as many prospects as possible and build a massive mailing list and start making sales.

There are many ways to do this: share your message across facebook, twitter and other social media channels you are connected to, send emails to your friends and contacts, blog about your product, write and submit articles to articles marketing networks like embedding a link to your squeeze page, answer questions on Quora and include a link to your squeeze page not to your product as Quora might penalize you for that.

Another way of promoting your squeeze page includes using a Pay-Per-Click marketing and this could be very effective if properly planned as it will bring in properly targeted prospects.

6. Promote your product or service.

With your mailing list from the email marketing automation software (Review Of Top Email Marketing Automation Software), this step will be easier for you.

Provide enticing incentives, free offers like eBooks, video, free courses or training which can be delivered as email to your prospects. Write product review and product comparison and make them available to your prospects.

Be honest, over deliver when you promise, learn to build trust and increase loyalty among your prospect.

Follow and implement these 6 steps strategy of how to make $1500 daily with Affiliate Marketing and the $1500 will be a stepping stone to a 6 - 7 figure passive income from Affiliate Marketing.

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